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The Origin of the

Canine High Jinks Podcast

It all started with a text message from Elissa to Whitney in December of 2019.

Elissa: I think we should start a podcast.

Whitney: Oh yeah? What would we talk about?

Elissa: Dogs, of course!

The rest, as they say, is history.

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Current Season


Episode 56 Art.png

March 28, 2024 | Fanny Gott

Learning About Startline Stays

All about startline stays!

Episode 55 Art.png

March 14, 2024 | Peyton Green

Learning About Obstacle Commitment

Peyton Green, agility instructor at Corral Creek Dog Sport Center, talks through obstacle commitment: how to build it, test it and fix it when you broke it. We dive into the difference between sending, and opposite handler motion and what this means for distance handling. And...maybe why those verbals aren't the salve you thought they were.

Episode 54 ARt (1).png

February 29, 2024

Learning About Feedback

Whitney and Elissa tackle a big We get it from each other, our instructors, our dogs. We give it, maybe when we shouldn't. Listen in as we walk through many of the permutations of feedback and how we can maybe be a bit better at it overall.

Episode 52 Art.png

February 15, 2024

Learning About Goal Setting

Our long awaited episode that we recorded all the back in May of 2023. This episode has a bit of a different flavor since we are sitting outside under a canopy of trees surrounded by fellow agility competitors.

Episode 54 Art.png

March 28, 2024

Learning About Our Break from Podcasting

Here it is! A brand new episode! Listen and learn what we have been up to while we have been away from the mic. We will also tell you about what is changing with the podcast and what will stay the same. We hope you will tune in and listen.

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